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Plant Embodiment Retreat

April 21-24 2023

A 4 day 3 night retreat located near

Nevada City, California

Join us for 4 soul nourishing days of connecting deeply to yourself, the earth, her plants and waters through ritual, ceremony, and frequency.

Plant Embodiment is a safe container to explore deeper layers of your ancestral knowing and connection to the Earth. During our time together we will gather in right relationship with plants to intimately experience their healing power.

Day 1: Heart Softening Day 2: Gentle Clearing Day 3: Grounding Nourishment Day 4: Integration

This retreat is for you if..

* You feel the call to connect more deeply with plants

* You are ready to commit to your physical and emotional health

* You desire a safe container to explore deeper layers of both your light AND your shadows

* You desire to feel more connected to yourself and the planet

* You desire to learn tangible tools to stay grounded and clear your energy field

*You are ready to tap into your intuitive side

* You feel a deep connection to the Rose

*You desire to sink deeper into your heart space  

You'll leave this retreat with..

* A deeper connection with plant allies, water and your intuition

* An understanding of how to communicate with plant spirits

*Connection with plant allies you can call on for heart healing 

*A toolkit to support your physical, emotional and spiritual health

*Knowing how to encode and consciously work with water

*How to use a Kuripe & Self Administer Hape

* A new sense of freedom and empowerment

* A new tribe of sisters and community

* Photos of your plant integration process

White rose

Space is limited in this intimate container

Would you like to know more about the Plant Embodiment Retreat and make sure it's a fit for you? You can book a free discovery call with Kelsee. 

Meet the Facilitators

What's Included:

Integration Support

Before receiving payment, you can set a time to speak with a facilitator one on one. This will be an opportunity for any questions, fears, excitements to be expressed before the retreat, setting you up for a successful integration period.

Plant Packed Meals

Included in the pricing for the retreat is all the food you'll need to be nourished by for the entire weekend! We are working with Chef Sky to make plant focused meals in house that nourish the body and mind.

Plant Medicine Ceremonies

Connect with plants daily while participating in offers you're body says yes to. During this retreat you will have the oppurtunity to deepen into relationship with plants such as hape, rose, hawthorne, cacao and more.

Nightly Sound Baths & Journeys

Each evening bathe in healing sound frequencies accompanied by herbal aromatherapy. On Saturday we will end the day with a guided Sound Journey. 

Hot Cold Hydrotherapy

Learn about and experience the healing power of hot cold therapy with an onsite Sauna, Hot Tub and Cold Plunge

Gentle Movement 

On Sunday we will be filling our cups back up, grounding and deeply nourishing our bodies with gentle movement practices and nature connection.

Payment Options

 Pay all at once or checkout with Affirm for payment plans.

Please email for questions regarding other payment methods/options. 

The "Hobbit" Room

The "Hobbit Room" is upstairs tucked away behind a round shire like door. A cozy queen bed sits amongst lanterns with a window that overlooks a hawthorne tree. 

This booking can be a double or single occupancy ticket. Let us know which option you're interested in when booking.

Single Occupancy

Total $1,222

Double Occupancy

Total $1,111 each

Tent Camping

Tent camping is an option for those interested. This would be at a lower cost dependant on the amount of women interested in camping. *must supply own camping gear 


Knotty Pine Room

With a queen bed made of knotty pine to sleep in, this room is located on the lower level as well. Features your own private bathroom and a window overlooking the garden in the back.

This booking can be a double or single occupancy ticket. Let us know which option you're interested in when booking.

Single Occupancy

Total $1,333

Double Occupancy

Total $1,133 each

Loft Bed

Peak through the skylight or escape for some quiet time when sleeping upstairs in one of the 6 loft beds. 

To add comfort to this shared space earplugs, eye masks and friendly guidelines for the retreat will be provided.


Waterfall Room

The waterfall room has it's own private bathroom, a queen bed and a window that overlooks the water feature in the back of the property.

This booking can be a double or single occupancy ticket. Let us know which option you're interested in when booking.

Single Occupancy

Total $1,333

Double Occupancy

Total $1,133 each

Frequently Asked Q's:

Where am I sleeping?

Though we imagine you'll be enjoying most of your time outside, we'll have a few options. Earplugs and eye masks will be offered for more sensitive sleepers, seperate spaces or shared rooms create affordable price options.

What should I bring?

A Packing List with suggestions on what to bring will be sent in your welcome email! Any questions regarding storage space, items allowed or other questions are welcome! Email us at 

What about transportation?

Transportation is not included in the pricing for this retreat so you will need to find a way to and from the retreat center. The retreat lodge is 1.5 hours from Sacramento Airport. We’re happy to assist in ride shares and/or transportation, just reach out!

Is there an age requirement?


We believe healing can happen at all ages and would love to see family & friends joining one another! That said, we would prefer anyone under 18 be accompanied by a guardian. 

Image by Puck Milder
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